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JAZ Molouky

JAZ Molouky


The Molouky. A marvel of modern engineering inspired by the grandeur, luxury and opulence of a Dahabeya, a vessel that the royal families of Egypt cruised the Nile on. Come, relive experiences of royalty gone by, on the Molouky, the ultimate word in cruise luxury on the Nile, an experience that you can customise and call your own.
An experience in opulence, a pharoah's life, is meticulously planned, executed and delivered to you in every inch of space on the Dahabeya. Right from the woods, to the textures, to the tones, to patterns and the very fabric - every aspect of the Dahabeya recreates an entire yacht-like experience designed to transport you in time and space to the golden years of the Nile. 
What is luxury, if not handcrafted. Come, experience a new level of personalization and customization done exclusively for you on the Dahabeya.
Indulge in a level of detailing that covers a spectrum as wide as the itinerary itself to detailed cuisines prepared to suit your palate, as we cruise between the cities of Luxor and Aswan/

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