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Monastery of St. Catherine SSH

Monastery of St. Catherine SSH


One of the oldest continuously operating Christian monasteries in the world is the monastery of St. Catherine. A unique collection of icons is stored in the cathedral, including the twelve rarest and oldest icons painted in the 6th century with wax paints - these are the oldest icons in the world. The library of the monastery contains three thousand manuscripts, which can only be compared with the library in the Vatican. The walls of the cathedral are framed with ancient frescoes of the 7th century.  The well of Moses is considered to be the well where, according to the Bible, Moses met the seven daughters of the Midian priest Raguel. The perfect end to the tour will be a walk through the picturesque Dahab and a great lunch in one of the best restaurants in the city.

Tour program:

Departure in the morning (depending on the hotel accommodation)

- visit to the monastery of St. Catherine

- trip to Dahab

- dinner


The price includes:

- comfortable transport with air conditioning

- Entrance fees to all listed attractions

- dinner


Additionally paid on request:

- shopping and souvenirs, tips

- beverages

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