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Nile Excellece

Nile Excellece


Nile Excellence falls under the category of a cozy yet modern boutique Nile cruise.
Our 30 cabins have been revamped, embracing a mix of modern with a pharaonic touch. The paintings have been curated carefully, respecting the style and color palette of the interior.
Experience an adventure of a lifetime and explore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilization on Nile Excellence. With many years of experience, we guarantee excellent service and an exciting program, We offer folkloric entertainment allowing our guests to get familiar with Egyptian culture while engaging in fun activities and games.
On the restaurant’s menu: a wide variety of food ranging from international to local cuisine, fusion, and Italian. You will also enjoy breathtaking views from your french balcony in your cabin if you choose to relax while sailing. Nile Excellence includes luxurious suites, a restaurant, a lounge bar, and a sundeck with a pool.
Enjoy the best view from our sundeck, the sunrise, the sunset, the shades of orange reflecting on the Nile is a breathtaking view that you will never forget. Our sunbeds are designed for you to completely relax while enjoying your cold drinks and snacks from the sundeck bar, your afternoon tea or a dip in the pool. There is nothing better than swimming in the pool while the boat is sailing.

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