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Steigenberger Royale

Steigenberger Royale


True to its name, Steigenberger Royale is an embodiment of royalty. Experience an enchanting array of luxurious onboard amenities and excellent services that will captivate you. Sunbathe in the pool and jacuzzi, or savour delicious drinks and stunning sunsets in our panorama bar, accompanied by some beautiful classical music. Our well-trained crew is always quick to understand and cater to your needs. A spectrum of entertainment choices, palatial suites, and plush interiors offer you royalty through the Nile. Devour our range of delicacies with the finest beverages and desserts overlooking the gorgeous Nile. Cruising experience with Steigenberger Royale will charm even the most seasoned travellers.
Imagine waking up and going to bed with a gorgeous view of the Nile- that’s what a stay at Steigenberger Royale is like with its panoramic sliding windows that provide sweeping views of this breathtaking Egyptian landscape. Coupled with deluxe amenities, it has all the ingredients of a perfect luxury cruise on the Nile.
Bringing the charm of fine dining to the Nile river. Our dining venues serve delicious dishes and appetizing cocktails. Whether you prefer the comfort of indoor dining or like to soak up the sun as you savour your food- you can enjoy it all on Steigenberger Royale.
To make sure our guests get a royal treatment while on board, we offer an array of luxurious facilities. Sunbathe and relax in the jacuzzis, snuggle up with your favourite book in the library, enjoy a game or two with your loved ones or sip and snack away at the Panorama Bar absorbing the magnificent views of the Nile- you will be bored while on board.
Nile views all around blended with luxury at this lush cruiser with 5 distinguished decks that feature 50 Double Cabins and two Suites. In addition to the main restaurant, a lounge bar and a sundeck pool bar.

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