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Super Cairo by bus HRG

Super Cairo by bus HRG


On the west bank of the Nile you will meet the pyramids of Giza, the tombs of the ancient pharaohs - the only Wonder of the World that has survived. The Cairo Museum, which contains unique exhibits, their age is about five thousand years, will tell about all the historical periods of ancient Egypt. You can see the treasures of the famous pharaoh in the hall of Tutankhamen. The mosque of Amr ibn Al-Aas, built in 642 BC, was the first on the entire continent - this location deserves special attention. About the creation of papyrus and the development of writing in Egypt, you will be told in the Papyrus Museum. You can also take a walk along the Nile.


Tour program:

Departure at night / early in the morning (depending on the hotel of residence)

What are we watching:

- Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

- Cairo Museum

- Mosque of Amr ibn Al-Aas

 - Papyrus Institute

- walk along the Nile


The price includes:

- comfortable transport with air conditioning

- Entrance fees to all listed attractions

- Lunch in Cairo


Additionally paid on request:

Shopping and souvenirs, tips

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